I would like to start by introducing you to my blog!  Welcome 😉

A lot of what I am going to be writing will include many sources from literature- Through the Arc of the Rainforest by Karen Tei Yamashita, an online article- How Cultures Molds Habits of Thought by Erica Goode from the New York Times. I will use online media as other sources – a blog known as Don’t Feed the Animals and a website known Healing Quest which explains the life of John of God from Brazil, as well as other sources retrieved along the way.  I would like to do two blogs.

First blog- After reading Yamashita’s novel known as Through the Arc of the Rainforest, I will explain the concept of magical realism and how this book brings the audience to ‘another’ world.   I would like to focus on the acceptance of the supernatural and mystical practices which take place within the novel and it’s relevance to what actually happens in our ‘real world.’  The different impacts religion has on societies, especially in the third world.

I would like to observe the practices of faith which takes place in Brazil as depicted in Through the Arc of the Rainforest.  The Healing Quest website will then be observed as as a source for John of God, a well known man in Brazil who is known to heal people with supernatural practices.  Also other online websites  known as  The blog  ‘Don’t Feed the Animals’  amd examining their blog entry- Why Is Religion Popular in the Third World? by Andrew Gonsalves.  I will also examine this question of religion being popular in the third world using Through the Arc of the Rainforest as my source. But I will challenge this notion of ‘religion’. Is it strictly religion which is taking grasp of people of the third world, or something of mystic origin, which can’t simply be explained as ‘religion’?  I will explore the concept of mysticism versus religion and how mysticism is used by a popular ‘medium’ of our modern day known as John of God, instead of strict practices of religion.

In my second blog, I would focus on differences in ideologies, how living in an Eastern vs. Western culture forms one’s specific ideologies.  I would also like to observe how we have created stereotypes for East Asians and their points of view towards faith, spirituality, the supernatural as being acceptable, And comparing this to Western (American) stereotypes as being characterized as more rational, scientific, skeptical, and logical therefore leading to having a more limited point of view.  The article How Cultures Molds Habits of Thought by Erica Goode  gives a good argument as well as evidence which gives truth to these stereotypes which are percieved in our world.  I also examine the religious tradition of superstition in the country of India, researching the article –   Superstitions common to India by Andrew Victor.  I question how rational Western scholars view superstition as a practice of the feeble minded.

I hope you enjoy my blogs!


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